Empowering Students in Mathematics

Spearheaded by Head Tutor Joshua Tan,
MuscleMath offers mathematics tuition to students undertaking O Level Additional Mathematics and A Level H2 Mathematics. Through years of experience, Joshua has helped many students achieve their desired goals for their examinations. Be it helping a
student develop basic conceptual understanding or stretching a student to maximise his/her potential, Joshua provides
comprehensive guidance for academic and personal growth, leaving no stone unturned.

Our Story

Committed and passionate about education,
Joshua ensures that every student develops an in-depth understanding in Mathematics. Each student’s progress is closely monitored and concepts are reiterated, setting the foundational structure for students to learn Mathematics.

Joshua Tan

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Muscle Math head Tutor

Head Tutor, Joshua Tan

A Level
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Dedicated, resourceful and a goal-driven professional educator, Joshua Tan holds a solid commitment to the social and academic development of every student at MuscleMath. Known to be warm and a teacher who goes beyond the classroom, Joshua aims for his students to be successful learners and works to create a classroom atmosphere that is stimulating, encouraging, and adaptive to the varied needs of students.

Armed with a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) majoring in Applied Mathematics from National University of Singapore, Joshua has been giving tuition classes since he graduated from junior college. Over the many years, Joshua has successfully tutored hundreds of students and in 2017, 92% of his students clinched distinction or improved at least 3 grades for their examinations.

‘Education is nothing without empathy. As a teacher, I connect with my students to better understand the stresses that they undergo in this rapidly changing world that we live in today. From there, a personalized lesson plan is tailored to suit that particular student.’
-Head Tutor, Joshua Tan

Our belief

‘Education is nothing without empathy.’
MuscleMath aims for every student to leave classes not just satisfied with the knowledge gained but more importantly, for students to look forward to the next class. The definition of learning has been blurred and it is always, and always will be, the utmost priority at MuscleMath to motivate and encourage students to learn not because of societal pressure, but for their own growth and self development.

‘Every student is different’
Through research proven techniques and years of experience, Joshua Tan adopts a differentiated teaching approach to cater to any and every type of student there is. Resources are key in enabling students understand concepts and retain knowledge, lesson plans and material are thus carefully tailored to suit all types of students.

Student’s journey

At MuscleMath, we provide personalised materials that cater to each and every student. We take note of how we can help each student develop substantial understanding of Mathematics through classroom tests, homework and summarised concept sheets.


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Joshua Tan takes on a unique approach to teaching mathematics. At the core of his teaching pedagogy, Joshua strongly believes that a student’s development is heavily dependent on establishing a positive mindset within students. Encouragement and motivation is key; Students will then be more willing to invest time and effort into the subject. Joshua Tan understands that these moments have to be capitalised on; lesson plans and material are then arranged in the most efficient way possible to maximise retention of knowledge and to stretch a student’s capacity in mathematics. From well structured tests of different difficulty and homework for students of all levels to giving free text/call consultations at almost any time of the day, Joshua strives to motivate students through leading by example.

What Students Say

“Joshua, with his humour and fun personality, managed to do what most of my JC tutors couldn’t, which was to be an engaging and dedicated. From wanting to give up math, I managed to jump 5 grades up, when I got my A level results. I simply attended his lessons and did his homework. Thanks Joshua for helping me love math, and eventually helping me get such good results for A levels.”

- Sakinah, Jurong Junior College

Coming into MuscleMath, I was a student with very poor grades (E/S) and was in desperate need of help. I had trouble with my foundational math knowledge, which basically affected everything else. Joshua was super patient and encouraging. Every lesson was a fun and joyful learning experience. The optimistic environment in class really helped with my motivation. Joshua was very knowledgeable in the subject; concepts taught in class were clear and simple to understand. Would highly recommend to everyone who needs help with math or anyone who wants to further his or her knowledge in math! THUMBS UP 10/10 J

- Ethel, Jurong Junior College

My journey with MuscleMath was rather sweet sailing, especially with the help of Joshua. He is a very dedicated and hardworking teacher, even offers to provide us with extra classes despite always being so busy with other classes. He is very clear in terms of what his objectives for the lessons are and is willing to clarify any doubts before he ends the session just to make sure we actually understand what is going on. I would highly recommend MuscleMath to students who are looking for a good tutor to help cope with mathematics and follow the school syllabus more closely. With Joshua, you not only gain a capable and knowledgeable tutor, but also a friend.

- Eunice, Pioneer Junior College

Joshua is a very friendly tutor and understands math concepts really well. He is very detailed in his teaching and he always covers every aspect of the syllabus, which helps me understand topics really well. Whenever I have questions that I am unsure of, he would always help me via text or face to face. He never fails to make lessons interesting and fun!

- Hui Min, Jurong Junior College

Mathematics in JC was like a foreign language to me. Lectures in school were too quick and didn’t go into great detail, causing a massive snowball effect and lowering my confidence in H2 Mathematics as a whole. That’s when I enrolled as one of Joshua’s students, not fully confident that my Mathematics could still be salvaged. He turned out to prove me wrong, going through concepts in an easy to understand, yet thorough, cutting out unnecessary information and presenting it in a more palatable matter. Joshua’s personality, with his down-to-earth attitude, humor and patience is simply an added bonus to an already excellent tutorship! He got my Mathematics back into shape in a matter of months and my only regret is not enrolling earlier. Highly recommended!

- Nathaniel, Tampines Junior College

The best part about MuscleMath ought to be the fact that Joshua is an extremely dedicated and hardworking teacher. I simply needed to send whatever problem I had to him via text and he would reply almost instantly. Considering the number of students he has, he is unlike other one-man-show tutors who are too busy to answer questions, some of them even ending up asking you to directly or indirectly figure out how to solve those questions by yourself. Also, his notes are very neat and cogent, which made studying and revising them very simple and effortless. They had questions of varying difficulty, from basic to advance. All in all, I had a lot of fun in Joshua’s classes and I will recommend MuscleMath to anyone who needs help in mathematics. It was because of Joshua’s influence that I have decided to take on the MOE Teaching Award to be a teacher myself.

- Zheng Jie , Pioneer Junior College

I first joined Joshua’s tuition during JC1 when I was doing really bad for math in school. At that point of time I didn’t really like math but with Joshua’s guidance I slowly begin to love it. He is a patient and caring teacher that tries his best to help you no matter what. His passion for math is infectious and it’s really inspiring to see that a teacher would go to such lengths to help a student. With his help, I was able to grasp my concepts well and obtain an A for H2 math.

- Edith, Meridian Junior College


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